Lawang Djoendjing, An Ethnic Atmosphere Full Of Modern Drink

Wedangan Lawang Djoendjing are ready to enliven the culinary business in the city of Solo. Not just a blending of traditional and modern dishes, wedangan a la cafe offers an atmosphere of ethnic.

Manager Operational Wedangan Lawang Djoendjing, Priyahita Mahayana Hironimus, said it’s been set up 130 food menu and 100 types of beverages. Visitors can freely choose traditional or modern cuisine in the wedangan located at Jl Kelud II no 7, Dukuhan Nayu, Kadipiro, Banjarsari.

“Until Monday (18/1/2016) menu-food menu from supliyer still continue to come in. When opened to the public to be more, “he explained while is found in Wedangan Mace Djoendjing, Monday (19/1/2016) night.

Wedangan owned by the Director of Heavy Total Pool, Hardy, it relies on satai kere and wedang djoendjing Mace as the main dish. Satai kere is one of the traditional cuisine in the form of tempe gembus burned. Wedang djoendjing Mace is a beverage made of ginger, Lemongrass and a mixture of traditional spices.

Meanwhile, the name Wedangan Mace Djoendjing selected according the shape of the gate-designed tilt. It makes a unique impression when visitors stepped foot on the wedangan.

In addition, the wedangan in the middle of the Kampong was also thick with ethnic atmosphere and friendly environment. The owner of the second-hand harness such as billboards, MMT, and galvalum.

A number of these used items are painted with batik motif. Used items that transformed into interior walls and pillars. It adds to the impression of ethnic high value.

Meanwhile, most of the wooden tables and chairs come from the former wooden enclosure of cows. Whereas, the frame and the ladder using the wood used is usually used for railway bearing. “Not only that, the Recycle Bin is also made of the MMT, the former” urainya.

With the menu and ambiance offer he wanted visitors to feel more comfortable. “If in other places in the middle of town, we were getting into the village and away from the noise of the traffic centre,” he explained.