Instant noodles Spicy

spicy noodles
spicy noodles

The spicy dishes this time  resep capcay kuah seafood still revolves around MI. In Kampung Baru, Solo, exactly on JL. Imam Bonjol, there is one outlet flavored spicy noodles. A culinary one is actually not much different with chicken which have long known. The Difference, Noodle Pede … Ice uses instant noodles with extra mustard, chicken, green onions, and a variety of toppings.

In addition, the level of  resep bakwan jagung tanpa telur kepedasannya has a pretty unique terms, as usual, cemen, mringis, nangis, ngamuk, and fainted. The available portion of level i.e., jumbo, regular and jumbo bingit. While his choice of noodles is no boiled noodles, fried noodles, noodles and Curry.

“Since open three months ago, initially we only present the option of instant noodles. But, there are some consumers who can’t eat instant noodles, so we also provide processed wet noodles, “explained Responsible Noodles Pede … ES Solo, Revi Indrasti, Fri (1/1/2015).

Level of spiciness cemen is mi without spicy at all, while the normal level using one teaspoon ground cayenne pepper. Mringis wear two level teaspoons, and so on.

“In the future we would provide the boiled rice, Shahe, and another kind of noodles with varying degrees of spiciness. This considering the large number of requests from consumers, especially employees in bright surroundings, “he.

In a portion of spicy noodles of any type, you’ve got a menu mixed mustard greens with noodles, chicken pieces, scallions, and a fried egg. But, you can also add a menu as a side dish of sausages, corned beef, mushrooms, chicken claw, studs, and meatballs.

“Sometimes the price of a regular size noodles worth Rp 9,500, while for jumbo and jumbo bingit each Rp and Rp 16,000 19,500. additional side dish For between Rp 2,000 – Rp 3,500,” said Revi.

In addition to the menu Noodles Pede … ice also had rows of side dishes such as complement, satai satai chicken livers, chicken satai, satai skin, intestinal, and satai satai shells. For drinks, the menu so the recommendation is to milk the cold or warm green beans valued at Rp 7,500. Revi said the majority of the visitors in Mie Pede … ice is the young people because the price is quite affordable. Interior design and set the table his chair is also quite unique so it fits Your background to be berswa-photos. Reluctant to cook the noodles itself at home? Visit Noodles Pede … ice that is open every day from 11.00 till 22.00 hours cover.