Alakathak, the food is Typical Weru

The name of the resep soto ayam sederhana  traditional alakathak snack goods times are still foreign to the community People in General. However, the fact is that food is a culinary legend of Weru Subdistrict.
No one knows for sure who was the first to make and when alakathak became part of the community in district bordering Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta (DIY) it. Sure thing alakathak is still awake keautentikkannya thanks to  resep seblak basah the hands of the guards traditions.
Alakathak consists of a primaryprocessed tempe koro surly and noodles made from cassava flour, cornflour call it community. Both were wrapped in teak leaf is still green. Alakathak sold in markets in the tradional Weru and surrounding certain market saban (today based on the Javanese calendar).
Alakhatak can be found in the market Tawangkuno, Tawang, Weru every Kliwon Pahing and the screen on the market, saban Wage and Legi, Manyaran, Wonogiri in pounds and Kliwon, and Syomin on pounds.
Traders sold it from the morning until 10.00 am. Traders usually make their own alakathak. Thanks to their hands is that you can enjoy a snack.
When the sample, the koro surly at tempe is strong and soft-textured. While the noodles are chewy textured with taste bland.
One of the makers of vending alakathak at the same time, 55, at present, Poniyem found when selling in the market Tawangkuno, Tuesday (26/1/2016), says her making alakathak since I was a teenager when he helped his parents. The citizens of Karanganyar, Dukuh village of Karanganyar, Weru, it doesn’t know the habit of making a alakathak exist in his family since when. As far as he’s been around since alakathak ancestors.
The making of alakathak isn’t as simple as it looks. Processing tempe alakathak takes days. First koro surly boiled until cooked and then soaked for three days. After that a surly steamed some time. The next surly pounded until fine. After the smooth teak leaf or wrapped in banana leaves with size small left one day.
“After tempe so then cooked. Bumbunya turmeric grated coconut, pecan, tumbar, Bay leaves, lime leaves, and laos. All the spices are cooked using coconut milk. After simmering tempe entered, 15 minutes later, lifting the “review Poniyem.
The making of noodles as supplementary material. The first starch contrived dough using boiling water. Then the dough is made using the flat bottle or paralon. Next dirajang extends with a width of about 1 cm. Results of the rajangan and then boiled until it floats. After it is drained and oil.
Yummy Alakathak same diceplusi [be] chili. At RP500 can already Pack in which two pieces of tempeh and MI. If Rp 1,000 tempenye four. Many exiles from Weru if pas home kampung directly buy up. He said this alakathak ngangeni. Time to wander again they brought up to Kalimantan, Jakarta, Semarang, and others, “imbuh Poniyem.
The makers of the original alakathak Gaden, Jatingarang, Weru, Ngatiyem, 60, add the alakathak Weru specialties. If in other regions there is alakathak he ensured that confectionary from Weru. According to Sri, alakathak Larasati connoisseur, 45, a sense of alakathak to an outsider may not be palatable because Weru unfamiliar ate it. But for him it‘s always made him miss and want to eat it constantly.