Blow Torch, Though Food is popular in 2016


In 2016, cooking techniques blow torch will be enough demand by the public. As to whether these techniques? Following his review.

As quoted Okezone from Mashable, Friday (1/1/2016), in 2015, the popular food processing techniques is the technique of sous vide. Whereas in 2016, the technique of blow torch will be favored by the public.

Blow torch technique itself is actually  resep rendang padang asli minang derived from the name of the tool used. The tool is in the form of small gas tube atomizer equipped fire. Blow torch has a pretty strong kick to spray the fire with a hot temperature.

Various preparations such as fish, meat, resep soto daging santan  delicious dessert even could use a blow torch. This tool is used in the finishing process and serve the food to give to ripen the crispy texture on the surface, hearty aroma enhancer, even making a caramel.

Blow torch arguably as techniques to cultivate enough food unique. The rendering looks extreme to become its appeal, especially if it is done in front of customers.