Instant noodles Spicy

spicy noodles
spicy noodles

The spicy dishes this time  resep capcay kuah seafood still revolves around MI. In Kampung Baru, Solo, exactly on JL. Imam Bonjol, there is one outlet flavored spicy noodles. A culinary one is actually not much different with chicken which have long known. The Difference, Noodle Pede … Ice uses instant noodles with extra mustard, chicken, green onions, and a variety of toppings.

In addition, the level of  resep bakwan jagung tanpa telur kepedasannya has a pretty unique terms, as usual, cemen, mringis, nangis, ngamuk, and fainted. The available portion of level i.e., jumbo, regular and jumbo bingit. While his choice of noodles is no boiled noodles, fried noodles, noodles and Curry.

“Since open three months ago, initially we only present the option of instant noodles. But, there are some consumers who can’t eat instant noodles, so we also provide processed wet noodles, “explained Responsible Noodles Pede … ES Solo, Revi Indrasti, Fri (1/1/2015).

Level of spiciness cemen is mi without spicy at all, while the normal level using one teaspoon ground cayenne pepper. Mringis wear two level teaspoons, and so on.

“In the future we would provide the boiled rice, Shahe, and another kind of noodles with varying degrees of spiciness. This considering the large number of requests from consumers, especially employees in bright surroundings, “he.

In a portion of spicy noodles of any type, you’ve got a menu mixed mustard greens with noodles, chicken pieces, scallions, and a fried egg. But, you can also add a menu as a side dish of sausages, corned beef, mushrooms, chicken claw, studs, and meatballs.

“Sometimes the price of a regular size noodles worth Rp 9,500, while for jumbo and jumbo bingit each Rp and Rp 16,000 19,500. additional side dish For between Rp 2,000 – Rp 3,500,” said Revi.

In addition to the menu Noodles Pede … ice also had rows of side dishes such as complement, satai satai chicken livers, chicken satai, satai skin, intestinal, and satai satai shells. For drinks, the menu so the recommendation is to milk the cold or warm green beans valued at Rp 7,500. Revi said the majority of the visitors in Mie Pede … ice is the young people because the price is quite affordable. Interior design and set the table his chair is also quite unique so it fits Your background to be berswa-photos. Reluctant to cook the noodles itself at home? Visit Noodles Pede … ice that is open every day from 11.00 till 22.00 hours cover.

Blow Torch, Though Food is popular in 2016


In 2016, cooking techniques blow torch will be enough demand by the public. As to whether these techniques? Following his review.

As quoted Okezone from Mashable, Friday (1/1/2016), in 2015, the popular food processing techniques is the technique of sous vide. Whereas in 2016, the technique of blow torch will be favored by the public.

Blow torch technique itself is actually  resep rendang padang asli minang derived from the name of the tool used. The tool is in the form of small gas tube atomizer equipped fire. Blow torch has a pretty strong kick to spray the fire with a hot temperature.

Various preparations such as fish, meat, resep soto daging santan  delicious dessert even could use a blow torch. This tool is used in the finishing process and serve the food to give to ripen the crispy texture on the surface, hearty aroma enhancer, even making a caramel.

Blow torch arguably as techniques to cultivate enough food unique. The rendering looks extreme to become its appeal, especially if it is done in front of customers.

This Simple, How To Make A Vanilla Milkshake

vanilla milk
vanilla milk

Want to drink a refreshing drink in  resep pancake durian sederhana the day shining? If Yes, you should try drinking vanilla milkshakes. No need to buy, You can make yourself at home.

Reported by Boldsky, Tuesday (5/1/2015), vanilla milkshake this could be your drinking buddies in various situations. At lunchtime, resep pastel goreng isi bihun  afternoon, or night even. You can also enjoy it, either in a State of cold or not.

Here the ingredients you need to prepare to make a vanilla milkshake;

-3 tablespoons of vanilla extract

-4 cups of sugar

-250 ml milk

-2 cups vanilla ice cream

-Piece of cinnamon

-2 pieces cardamom

-5-6 grains of ice cubes

How to make a vanilla milkshake;

1. prepare a blender to mix milk, vanilla ice cream, sugar.

2. Add the cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla and extract.

3. Add ice cubes and blend until smooth. But, if you do not want to memblender you could add ice, not after all the ingredients are well blended. You could also do not add ice if you don’t like to drink cold drinks.

Good luck!

Lawang Djoendjing, An Ethnic Atmosphere Full Of Modern Drink

Wedangan Lawang Djoendjing are ready to enliven the culinary business in the city of Solo. Not just a blending of traditional and modern dishes, wedangan a la cafe offers an atmosphere of ethnic.

Manager Operational Wedangan Lawang Djoendjing, Priyahita Mahayana Hironimus, said it’s been set up 130 food menu and 100 types of beverages. Visitors can freely choose traditional or modern cuisine in the wedangan located at Jl Kelud II no 7, Dukuhan Nayu, Kadipiro, Banjarsari.

“Until Monday (18/1/2016) menu-food menu from supliyer still continue to come in. When opened to the public to be more, “he explained while is found in Wedangan Mace Djoendjing, Monday (19/1/2016) night.

Wedangan owned by the Director of Heavy Total Pool, Hardy, it relies on satai kere and wedang djoendjing Mace as the main dish. Satai kere is one of the traditional cuisine in the form of tempe gembus burned. Wedang djoendjing Mace is a beverage made of ginger, Lemongrass and a mixture of traditional spices.

Meanwhile, the name Wedangan Mace Djoendjing selected according the shape of the gate-designed tilt. It makes a unique impression when visitors stepped foot on the wedangan.

In addition, the wedangan in the middle of the Kampong was also thick with ethnic atmosphere and friendly environment. The owner of the second-hand harness such as billboards, MMT, and galvalum.

A number of these used items are painted with batik motif. Used items that transformed into interior walls and pillars. It adds to the impression of ethnic high value.

Meanwhile, most of the wooden tables and chairs come from the former wooden enclosure of cows. Whereas, the frame and the ladder using the wood used is usually used for railway bearing. “Not only that, the Recycle Bin is also made of the MMT, the former” urainya.

With the menu and ambiance offer he wanted visitors to feel more comfortable. “If in other places in the middle of town, we were getting into the village and away from the noise of the traffic centre,” he explained.

Alakathak, the food is Typical Weru

The name of the resep soto ayam sederhana  traditional alakathak snack goods times are still foreign to the community People in General. However, the fact is that food is a culinary legend of Weru Subdistrict.
No one knows for sure who was the first to make and when alakathak became part of the community in district bordering Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta (DIY) it. Sure thing alakathak is still awake keautentikkannya thanks to  resep seblak basah the hands of the guards traditions.
Alakathak consists of a primaryprocessed tempe koro surly and noodles made from cassava flour, cornflour call it community. Both were wrapped in teak leaf is still green. Alakathak sold in markets in the tradional Weru and surrounding certain market saban (today based on the Javanese calendar).
Alakhatak can be found in the market Tawangkuno, Tawang, Weru every Kliwon Pahing and the screen on the market, saban Wage and Legi, Manyaran, Wonogiri in pounds and Kliwon, and Syomin on pounds.
Traders sold it from the morning until 10.00 am. Traders usually make their own alakathak. Thanks to their hands is that you can enjoy a snack.
When the sample, the koro surly at tempe is strong and soft-textured. While the noodles are chewy textured with taste bland.
One of the makers of vending alakathak at the same time, 55, at present, Poniyem found when selling in the market Tawangkuno, Tuesday (26/1/2016), says her making alakathak since I was a teenager when he helped his parents. The citizens of Karanganyar, Dukuh village of Karanganyar, Weru, it doesn’t know the habit of making a alakathak exist in his family since when. As far as he’s been around since alakathak ancestors.
The making of alakathak isn’t as simple as it looks. Processing tempe alakathak takes days. First koro surly boiled until cooked and then soaked for three days. After that a surly steamed some time. The next surly pounded until fine. After the smooth teak leaf or wrapped in banana leaves with size small left one day.
“After tempe so then cooked. Bumbunya turmeric grated coconut, pecan, tumbar, Bay leaves, lime leaves, and laos. All the spices are cooked using coconut milk. After simmering tempe entered, 15 minutes later, lifting the “review Poniyem.
The making of noodles as supplementary material. The first starch contrived dough using boiling water. Then the dough is made using the flat bottle or paralon. Next dirajang extends with a width of about 1 cm. Results of the rajangan and then boiled until it floats. After it is drained and oil.
Yummy Alakathak same diceplusi [be] chili. At RP500 can already Pack in which two pieces of tempeh and MI. If Rp 1,000 tempenye four. Many exiles from Weru if pas home kampung directly buy up. He said this alakathak ngangeni. Time to wander again they brought up to Kalimantan, Jakarta, Semarang, and others, “imbuh Poniyem.
The makers of the original alakathak Gaden, Jatingarang, Weru, Ngatiyem, 60, add the alakathak Weru specialties. If in other regions there is alakathak he ensured that confectionary from Weru. According to Sri, alakathak Larasati connoisseur, 45, a sense of alakathak to an outsider may not be palatable because Weru unfamiliar ate it. But for him it‘s always made him miss and want to eat it constantly.